Stoner Car Care loves to partner with institutions that support or encourage the love of all things automotive. Over the last half-decade, Stoner has supplied products to some of the premier racing schools and museums to maintain and protect their investments. Stoner Car Care considers it part of our mission to give the next generation of performance enthusiasts all of the opportunities to discover and grow this hobby.


The Ford Performance Racing School’s fleet includes Boss 302s, Shelby GT350s, Skid Cars, Raptors and more. Every day, after they come off the track, they are meticulously cleaned and detailed inside and out. That amounts to hundreds of washes every month and a need for high-performing car care products.

An experienced instructor at the Ford Performance Racing School recommended Stoner Car Care products to keep the fleet looking its best and protect the vehicles from the extreme environment on track!

Stoner Car Care, the maker of Invisible Glass, America’s #1 selling automotive glass cleaner, has a proven track record for serving car wash, detailing, and restoration professionals since 1942.  Stoner continues to formulate and manufacture premium products in the USA at the same original factory.

Whether preparing to race, shining your show car, or detailing your daily driver, you’re sure to win with dependable, high-performing Stoner Car Care products. The official car care products of the Ford Performance Racing School. Learn more about the school and their programs here.