How to Clean a Car Windshield

How to Clean a Car Windshield

When the world outside your windshield looks blurred and hazy, you have a problem that’s bigger than just aesthetics. A clear windshield is one of your best defenses against accidents, so keeping your glass clean is essential. This post will share the step-by-step process of thoroughly cleaning your windshield.

To clean your windshield: Spray the interior of the windshield and wipe in side-to-side motions, Lift the windshield wipers, wipe off exterior debris, spray your glass cleaner, wipe with a fresh microfiber towel, strip the windshield of any products (if applicable), and apply a ceramic protective product. 

To begin, gather the supplies you’ll need for the process.

Tools and materials

A quality glass cleaner is key 

Do your research by reading the label before purchasing a glass cleaner. We recommend avoiding cleaners with color additives that may leave behind a filmy residue requiring additional cleaning. We recommend using Stoner Invisible Glass for any glass surface cleaning.  The product contains no color additives and is tint-safe and ammonia-free. 

Spray the interior of your windshield and wipe in side-to-side motions

Spray the interior windshield with a conversative amount of glass cleaner. A little goes a long way. Spraying too much can make it more difficult to remove, costing you time and effort. Use a glass cleaning tool or a microfiber towel in side-to-side or up-and-down motions.

Optionally, apply a fog repellent

Window haze, or fog, can appear for multiple reasons; humidity, smoking, cabin moisture, or vapors from vinyl and plastic all being possible culprits. We recommend that you apply an anti-fog product while you’re on the interior of the windshield.

If you’re in need of an anti-fog product, consider Stoner Car Care’s Anti-Fog. It’s effective against condensation and fog and is very easily to apply. Simple spray the product onto a microfiber and wipe evenly across the dashboard.

Lift the windshield wipers 

Lift your windshield wipers before applying any cleaning products. This simple step gives you more room to work and ensures access to the entire surface. In addition, keeping wiper blades aside helps protect them from exposure to cleaning products.  Some formulas may contain chemicals that could degrade rubber wiper blades.  

Wipe off exterior debris 

Windshields face outdoor elements each time you hit the road. At the very least, you’ll accumulate dust and dirt on your glass. This light debris may seem insignificant; however, it can scratch your glass with applied pressure.

First, lightly wipe your windscreen with a dry microfiber. Do not apply any downward pressure for this step. Rather, lightly move the cloth from one side of the windshield to the other. Start with the top of the windshield and work your way down. Frequently check the microfiber towel to see if debris is sticking to it, and if necessary, exchange your soiled towel for a fresh one.

Spray your glass cleaner 

It’s time to recover your windshield’s clarity. Use just a few sprays of glass cleaner to begin. Applying too much glass cleaner to your glass makes cleaning more difficult, as you’ll have to do several pass-overs with a towel to remove residue thoroughly. 

Wipe with a fresh microfiber 

Once you’ve applied a thin, even coating of cleaner to most of the windshield, begin wiping with a fresh microfiber towel. To avoid scratching or streaking, don’t use too much pressure. Instead, allow the glass cleaner to do the work for you. The chemicals will loosen debris from the windshield.

Strip the windshield of any products 

Now that the windshield is clean, you can protect it from future debris. Before applying any protective coatings, you must strip the windshield of any pre-existing products. Glass strippers break down any lingering coatings or road film, exposing the glass’s original surface to ensure proper adhesion.

Glass strippers use mild abrasives to offer deep cleaning without scratching the glass. Consider Stoner Car Care’s Glass Stripper; it contains everything you need in one convenient kit, including an applicator sponge and the mildly abrasive glass stripping solution. It won’t damage your trim, paint, or glass, making it a safe bet for any detailer.

Carefully follow the instructions on whichever glass product you use. If you’re using Invisible Glass’s Glass Stripper, follow these ordered steps: 

  1. Shake the Glass Stripper bottle.
  2. Apply a small amount of solution onto the applicator sponge.
  3. Use the sponge to apply the product in tight, circular motions until the windshield is evenly covered.
  4. Hose off the windshield.
  5. Use a wet microfiber to remove any lingering product.

Apply a ceramic protective product 

The windshield’s surface is now clean of debris and past coatings. However, there’s no barrier between your glass and the outside world, and that’s where ceramic products come into play. 

We recommend that you take an additional step to protect your windshield. Ceramic Glass Coatings are excellent for strengthening your glass and offering long-lasting protection. Invisible Glass’s Ceramic Glass Coating doubles the hardness of your glass and offers up to 24 months of protection per application. It acts as a clear coat for your surfaces, preventing dirt, insects, salt, or ice from bonding to glass and making cleaning easier. 

Optional: Apply a rain-repellent product 

Why not take an additional step to improve your vehicle safety and driving experience? Consider adding a rain-repellent product to your windshield. These products create a hydrophobic coating to sheet away rain, sleet, or snow. These products also help extend the lifespan of your windshield wipers by reducing surface tension.

Rain-repellent products can be applied in minutes to offer weeks of protection. Stoner Car Care’s Rain Repellent is a reliable option. The product improves visibility in rain, sleet, or snowy travel. It’ll also help future cleaning efforts, as bugs, bird droppings, salt, ice, and frost become much easier to remove. 

Drive away with a clear vision! 

It takes a few steps to thoroughly clean and protect a windshield; however, each step serves an essential role in the process. Aside from improving your car’s appearance, a clean windscreen helps assure the safety of you and your passengers. Use these steps to clean your car’s windshield thoroughly: Lift the windshield wipers, wipe off exterior debris, spray your glass cleaner, wipe with a fresh microfiber towel, strip the windshield of any products (if applicable), and apply a ceramic protective product. Make it a regular habit to clean your glass inside and out to ensure a clear view of the road ahead.

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